TXT is for Tomorrow X Together. They are a South Korean boyband made up five members. The group was formed in 2009, and is currently signed to Big Hit Music. TXT members include Yeonjun (Beomgyu), Taehyun and HueningKai. Each member contributed a song, and they have won many music awards.

On May 31, 2018, the band released their third album, entitled FREEZE. This album follows their previous three albums, “Boys’ love”, and is darker and more serious thematically. “Dear Sputnik” is a group that trades its unrealistic ideallism for a pragmatic view. The lyrics are dark, but kpop store the contrast and a sense that everything is going to end in their favor. The dance beats and production are lively and cheerful, and Taehyun’s demigrinls are an outstanding feature.

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TXT’s newest album, “FREEZE,” is the fourth album. It is the fourth album by TXT, and continues their trilogy of “Boys’ love” and “Boys’ dreams.” However, it has a darker tone thematically. It takes the romance of the previous albums and replaces it with a more realistic approach. The lyrics are dark and often mixed with bright, sunny productions.

“Freeze”, while the album is considered the most experimental on txt, remains the most well-received album on the label. TXT loves the mix of alt-rock and pop-punk influences in this album. The songs are catchy yet edgy. Taehyun’s demi grrowls are a highlight of the vocal performance. TXT’s new release will be a big hit with all fans.

TXT released their first Japanese album, Freeze, on May 31. They continued their journey from childhood to adulthood with this trilogy. But now, they are adults. The group’s lyrics are darker than their music videos, but they haven’t changed much. The music videos are accompanied with a sleek visual that depicts the angst-filled youth moments of the band.

TXT’s newest album is “Freeze”. This is the band’s third full length Japanese album, and not only the fifth. It follows the album’s February release, which was a huge success. It’s a dream which has grown over the years. It’s not an exhaustive list of TXT’s albums but it’s something to consider.